Translation 2021-01-24 月曜日

Hi folks,

I usually translate a lot of things to 日本語 as the week progresses. I’m usually studying a little bit here and there and I get random thoughts on how to say something in 日本語。 So I’m going to start posting them here. They’ll be from google translate, which I understand isn’t always correct. So I usually have to follow up with my tutor/teacher. By the end of the week, I usually have several tabs open of everything I’ve translated this week. This would be a good way to keep track of it.

大きな仕(おきなしごと) – big task
事 大きな挑戦 (おきなちょうせん) – big challenge

移動する (いどうする)- to move <— I thought it was ひこします。I’m not sure what the correct kanji is yet.
ハワイへの移動 (ハワイへのいどう)- Moving to Hawaii

非常に(ひじょうに)- very. This is a new one. I’ve heard many other words that have the same meaning of very. I’ll research and revisit this later.

While looking through my new textbook, these were pretty common just navigating through the chapters. (As you would expect)

文(ぶん)- sentence
例文 (れいぶん)- example sentence
だい以下(だい いか)- below
読み物(よみもの)reading material
質問する(しつもんする)to question


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