Review and Get Ready for 2018

While I learned the meanings for around 90 kanji for the JLPT N5 test, I don’t have a good grasp on the (on yomi, kun yomi) readings.  Before the test, mainly in November I was studying on average of 3 hours a day.  With the holidays it’s probably been about 30 minutes since I’ve been watching 1-2 hours of Japanese dramas and random Youtube videos.
I’ve binged through all of Erased and Million Yen Women.  I’ve also went back to the first season of Terrace house to listen to the dialogue that I don’t completely understand yet but an piece some of it together.  Unfortunately, there are no english subtitles for the earlier seasons.
Things to do:
  • I’ve started to study again, and man, I really need to review informal (short) form.
  • I also need to start planning out my trip to Japan in April.  It’ll be during the Cherry blossom season.
  • Review grammar.


I’ll be starting the Genki II book next week and my next (in-person) class will start in three weeks.


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