Post Weekend Check

Welp, it’s Monday.  I didn’t get much studying done.  The other class that I’m taking consumed most of my time during the weekend.  I’m still on level 3 in wanikani but am just about to bust through to level 4.  I still attend my weekly Japanese classes along with 8-10 hours of lessons online each week.

Here’s some words, that I learned or asked about before.  However, couldn’t recall them when it came time to use them.

あまい – sweet
すっぱい – sour
にがい – bitter
からい – spicy
よく – often
よる – night/according to
何か – something
なんでも – anything
ほぼ – almost
あきた – boring
きまずい – awkward
だけどう – but, however
ですから – because
だから – because (informal)
りょうしん – parents
きが いる – change clothes
ひどい – terrible

oh i guess I have another question.,,

ほか に も?

also, is あきた more common than おもしろい


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