I’m in Japan!

On the plane to Japan, I realized the a lot of my Netflix downloads for a few shows failed.  I ended up rewatching a couple episodes of Terrace house, a Japanese movie called Sakura Guardian in the North from the in-flight entertainment, and an english movie – that for some reason I can’t remember the name right now.   I tried practicing some kanji but during the time it was a little challenging due to the little turbulance.  So I ended up watching a few things on my never ending youtube playlist, which, I can now cross off.

I think it was my first time in a while that I rode on ANA.  It was great.  I sat in premium economy so I had extra leg room.  The gave a few meals and plenty of snacks.  Also, they gave us a face mask, toothbrush, etc..it was prety cool.

It’s now Monday morning April 2nd in Japan.  I woke up super early at 4:30am. My host family is still asleep. I decided to get up and get ready. Then I took a stroll down the street to family mart to pick up a few things. Of course I bought mentaiko onigiri, canned coffee, and a egg salad sandwhich.  I was looking forward to it when I went to bed lol.  I also picked up a few toiletries that I forgot to bring.  Here’s a few shots I took on the walk this morning on the way to the konbini (aka Family Mart).



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