Getting back into the groove

The first lesson I had after I returned from Japan was a little rough for me. After a couple weeks in Japan and then coming back and getting situated into life – I feel a little slow in my Japanese then before I left. I won’t be taking the N4 test in Japan in July however it’s a possibility that I will still go to Japan. The registration process in Japan required me to enter a Japan address so it was a little challenging for me to register. I tried to register for a test in Canada however the cutoff date for the July test is earlier than the cutoff date in Japan.

I’ve reviewed and adjusted my pledges on Patreon for some of the Japan related channels that I follow. I truly enjoy the content these creators put time and effort into. However, I adjusted my pledges to the channels where I actually learn something and/or they actually deliver on the rewards that they promise.  If they placed conditionals on pledges if they don’t deliver I would totally continute to pledge but most do not.

After I hit level 4 in WaniKani (which is where the free trial stops), I seem to be getting through levels at an average of 2 weeks.

Here are my current critical kanji items under a 74% success rate are:
* 東方
* 生活
* 走行
* 土地
* 安全
* 大作
* 世
* 次
* 他

I bought the following books in Japan to help with my studying. I have quite a number of books for studying. I hope to pass the N4 with flying colors.


I do plan to blog more and share some more of my experience in Japan.  It’s been a busy week and a half.  I have a relay run coming up next weekend and I hope to get more time back once that is completed.


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