Countdown to 12/2

I wanted to get out a blog post yesterday declaring I reached WaniKani level 10.  In addition, I wanted to blog every day in the month of November since I’ve started my one month countdown to December 2nd.  However, I didn’t get to WaniKani level 10 until today.  December 2nd is the day I tackle the JLPT N4 test.  At the moment, my confidence is low. I need to cram big time.
So many things have happened this year that has kept me really busy.
  • I’ve gone to Japan twice.  Once in April and another time in July.
  • I sold my house and moved.
  • I’m about to purchase another place.  Thankfully, I’m not moving right away.
  • I’m taken on a lot more responsibility at work.
So here we go.  I’m watching a countdown episode on youtube and drinking a redbull before I start tonight’s cram session.  It’s Friday night.  This is what every night will be like until December 2nd.

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