I’m in Japan!

I arrived in Japan last night at approximately 7:30pm.  It  was Saturday night 7/30.  I had initially planned to stay at the Haneda airport hotel.  I figured by the time I deboarded, got through customs, and picked up my mobile mifi it would be late.  However, I still had energy and figured it was still relatively early so I ventured out and hopped on the train.

I didn’t know where I was going to stay since I planned to stay at the airport hotel, so I was browsing for places to stay on the train.  Picked a couple hotels along the way but just kept on riding the train instead. I ended up in Nakameguro which is where I’m going to stay tonight but the place I’m staying at had to no vacancy.  Neither did the place down the street.

I ended up staying next to Ueno park and by the time I arrived I was beat.  I checked in, dropped off my stuff and headed out for a quick bite to eat.  I wanted to eat shabu shabu or nabe and there was a place right next to the hotel.  By the time I got there it was 5 til 11 and they had started to wrap up shop for the night.  Tried the next floor up which was hmm…which was probably a chain and served a couple different options.  The waitress didn’t speak much english so I tried out my broken Japanese.  The truth is, I haven’t been studying much since I took the n4 test but I’ve been keeping weekly lessons so I don’t completely lose it all.  I found myself in a similar situation last year.  I was able to order what I wanted but they were out.  Plan B.  I played it same and ordered some ramen and karaage.  Although they were out of what I wanted, they were only partly out.  Maybe because I’m some random big foreigner.  I got my ramen and karaage …AND some shabu shabu.  Luckily it was just one plate of meat, a small size so it was all good.

Got my grub on and headed back to the hotel.  Not too long after, it was off to slumberland.

Woke up at 4am this morning! Ugh.  Stayed in bed and tried to go back to sleep for an hour but it didn’t work.  Got up at 5.  Jumped in the shower and got ready for my first full vacation day in Japan.  Similar drill, head out – konbini, coffee, and egg sandwhich.  I usually get a mentaiko or tuna mayo onigiri.  It was brisk out and felt good so I went back to my room a bit and grabbed my ipad hopefully to do some light reading in Ueno Park.

Walked around a bit.  Sat in the park.  Read a page. Too cold.  Walked back to the room to finish my reading.  I have time.  Maybe I’ll nap after I read.  To be continued…


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