On the go

On every other trip to Japan.  I would takes tons of pictures and tell myself that I would blog about it and that I would remember every little detail.  Yep, not so much.  Even on this trip, I’m always on the go, and in a busy city like Tokyo it’s not hard to be.  So, as I watch the large wave of people at the train station from my hotel room, let’s see if I can recap what I’ve done in the last few days. Starting with where I left off.

Ok so….Oh yeah, I didn’t nap like I had planned.  Jetlag won that day.

So I met up with my friend Akinori, who I met through a language exchange app called HelloTalk.  However, whenever I meet up with my friends that I’ve met through language exchange I don’t really practice my Japanese too much.  I think I try to be accomodating and speak English instead.  Well, that, and it’s just easier for me because it is my first language.

We ventured to a place outside of Shinjuku, I believe.  We met at Takadanobaba station, which he tells me is popular for a bunch of ramen choices.  To me, it seems like you can get ramen almost anywhere inside of Tokyo.  We head off to his favorite place and find out that it’s closed as they are redoing their menu.  Ok, pause on food.  I’ve been carrying a bag of おみやげ (omiyage, pro: oh-me-yah-geh) for one of my Japanese teachers.  So we head over to the local post office so I can ship it off.

She lives in a prefecture that’s not too popular with foreigners and off of the normal path that tourists would take.  Not to mention, I think is awesome, because those are the type of places that I would like to experience.  I don’t want to encroach, so I’ll await an invite.  Assuming I’ll ever get one.  Also assuming, I’ll come back to Japan after this trip.  Don’t get me wrong I love Japan but that’s another story, for another time.

Ok, back to the story.  The post office we went to was relatively small, but busy.  It was a little めんどくさい(troublesome, P.I.T.A).  Some indecisiveness and odd process, but hey, I guess it works.  Ok, back to food.  We went to a sushi, maybe seafood, resaurant.  It was delicious like everything in Japan.  I ordered some uni and this salmon and ikura bowl:


I wanted to call it a donburi, but it’s not cooked.  So maybe Chirashi?

After eating, we were on a mission to find a うんこ先生 action figure.  I’ll explain later.  Anyway, we struck out at bic camera and kiokunia.  However, I bought to more 日本語の本。That I can use to study this year. We walked around some more before grabbing some seafood nabe.  It was pouring after dinner, so we ducked into a konbini to get an umbrella.  Keep in mind, I’ve been up since 2am and It’s around 8pm-ish now.  So I’m pretty beat.  We call it a night and I head back to my station.  I don’t even know what day it is anymore. o_O



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