I wish I had some more time to spend cruising around Rinku Town.  Anyway, I was up super early to catch the Airport bus at 5:50am.

I just spent the last couple days in Okinawa.  Although, I guess one of the days was at Tokashiki island.   When I arrived and grabbed my luggage..took this picture of Okinawa’s world famous sweet potatoes.   They even sell them cooked from this truck.

IMG_7228 IMG_7230

Close family friends picked me up at airport and we went to a Dharuma temple to check it out.


Then we went to うふや (ufuya) , a 100 year old house that was turned into a restaurant.  The food was good and it was a nice place that is highly recommended to folks visiting Okinawa.

After lunch, we drop around the island and went to check out a waterfall.  There were these older ladies sitting and bundling incense as part of an offering to the gods.  They mentioned the area was a sacred place but now most people come here to take pictures of the waterfall.  Unaware it is a sacred place.  They gave me a bundle of insense.  They said  I’m traveling for me to take it for protection.

Then we went to this beach with the rock formations.  I forgot the name of it.  I”ll have to ask lol.

Picked up a lot of candy for my nephews and nieces back home and called it a night.


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