Haven’t forgotten

Still studying a lot. This weekend I:

  • Practiced some listening drills.
  • Also listened then wrote down translations.
  • Practice causative forms.  Also along with Genki chapter 22
  • Memrise
  • Reviewed some older lessons.

Need to review lessons from Japanese by Hanako. (https://www.japanesebyhanako.com/)

Enter more cards into Anki.


Sat 11/3/18

Life happens.  I didn’t spend all day studying as much as I’d like.  Which I think is a good thing.  It’s easy for me to lock myself indoors all day and be in front of a computer or a book.

Touched on causative forms today, and some grammar review.  Reviewed some notes and one lesson.  I’m practicing some kanji now and I think this will be a routine now at night since it’s kinda soothing and a good way for me to unwind.

Countdown to 12/2

I wanted to get out a blog post yesterday declaring I reached WaniKani level 10.  In addition, I wanted to blog every day in the month of November since I’ve started my one month countdown to December 2nd.  However, I didn’t get to WaniKani level 10 until today.  December 2nd is the day I tackle the JLPT N4 test.  At the moment, my confidence is low. I need to cram big time.
So many things have happened this year that has kept me really busy.
  • I’ve gone to Japan twice.  Once in April and another time in July.
  • I sold my house and moved.
  • I’m about to purchase another place.  Thankfully, I’m not moving right away.
  • I’m taken on a lot more responsibility at work.
So here we go.  I’m watching a countdown episode on youtube and drinking a redbull before I start tonight’s cram session.  It’s Friday night.  This is what every night will be like until December 2nd.

Reviews and reviews

I sat down one or twice over the weekend and on Monday to go through my wanikani reviews.  I got down to 150 yesterday and am now back to 201 that need to be completed.  Up to my waist in reviews lol.

I took out a couple of my N4 books yesterday to start going through them.

Also, more reviews of my notes I’ve been taking over the past year!!

It’s here. N4 exam cram time!



Because so much has happened since my last post.

Like, I went back to Japan again! I also got stuck in Hiroshima in July during the severe flooding.

I’m almost to level 10 wanikani and I’m also studying for the N4 test.  It’s been a week since I’ve logged into wanikani and now I have a whopping 410 reviews to do.  I’m sure, as I progress, it will be even worse if I don’t log in every day.

I’ll start blogging more real soon.  Weekly progress updates, etc.

Holiday Weekend

Since I got to level 8 on Friday before the holiday weekend.  I pretty much slacked off from wanikani all weekend.  Did some studying out of Genki II though.  Up early all week for a product class for work.  Welp, time to get some quick breakfast and go at it.

Next level


Man this month has been tough. It took me almost a month to get to level 8.  Work has been busy.  Started class again.  However, the class description and listing is not what it turned out to be.  The class started 5 chapters ahead of what it had in the description.  We’re 3 weeks in and I’m still not caught up yet.  Almost.  I’ll push through.

Oh, and I’m going back to Japan this summer!

Here’s some pictures from my the last night in April.  It was a great time.  Great food, great company.  A great cap on a great trip.



Getting back into the groove

The first lesson I had after I returned from Japan was a little rough for me. After a couple weeks in Japan and then coming back and getting situated into life – I feel a little slow in my Japanese then before I left. I won’t be taking the N4 test in Japan in July however it’s a possibility that I will still go to Japan. The registration process in Japan required me to enter a Japan address so it was a little challenging for me to register. I tried to register for a test in Canada however the cutoff date for the July test is earlier than the cutoff date in Japan.

I’ve reviewed and adjusted my pledges on Patreon for some of the Japan related channels that I follow. I truly enjoy the content these creators put time and effort into. However, I adjusted my pledges to the channels where I actually learn something and/or they actually deliver on the rewards that they promise.  If they placed conditionals on pledges if they don’t deliver I would totally continute to pledge but most do not.

After I hit level 4 in WaniKani (which is where the free trial stops), I seem to be getting through levels at an average of 2 weeks.

Here are my current critical kanji items under a 74% success rate are:
* 東方
* 生活
* 走行
* 土地
* 安全
* 大作
* 世
* 次
* 他

I bought the following books in Japan to help with my studying. I have quite a number of books for studying. I hope to pass the N4 with flying colors.


I do plan to blog more and share some more of my experience in Japan.  It’s been a busy week and a half.  I have a relay run coming up next weekend and I hope to get more time back once that is completed.

Back home.

It’s been a whirlwind the last couple days. I woke up at 4am in Japan on Tuesday morning in attempt to adjust my schedule back to what it normally is. My limousine bus to the airport(I don’t know why it’s called a limousine bus) was scheduled to leave at 11:40 to the airport and my flight was at 3:45 in the afternoon. I figured I’d go to sleep around 430 -5:00ish Japan time which would put at about the normal time I go to bed. I had some time to kill. It took me a while to wake up. I had some coffee and studied some kanji. Then I took a walk to the konbini for more coffee and a donut. In crossing, I saw Yamachan, who is one of the commentators on Terrace House. I tried to catch up to him but couldn’t. Anyway, the plane was taxing out for takeoff when a sensor went off and we had to turn back around. A tired needed to be changed. We were delayed somewhere between 3-4 hours. I slept on the plane but it was broken sleep. Got home, took a shower and went to the office for an hour. Then it was a team event. After that, I got a haircut and hung out with my nieces and nephews until I got tired.

I’ll make an effort to write about my trip more over the next week.  I’ll post some pictures too.